Visualization Content

AVPL has a well-defined process for creating the virtual world content. Whether it is from scanned data pointclouds, hand sketches, 3D Sketchup models or BIM-compliant models, AVPL will work with the client to iteratively develop a 3D interactive model for real-time immersive visualization.


This is essentially a display system to render the virtual world for visualization. AVPL is platform and device agnostic as its belief is that the means of producing the visualization must be appropriate for meeting the client’s identified needs. AVPL has worked with 5-wall CAVE (Computed Automated Virtual Environment) systems, 4-wall CAVE systems, single wall projection systems, Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) as well as wearable Augmented Reality devices.

Virtual Training Management System

The system combines high realism virtual simulation with state-of-the-art interactive technologies to allow skills to be learned and directly applied to the real world without the need to relearn the physical interactions. This is based on AVPL’s philosophy that a fully integrated Virtual Training Management System can offer the possibility of developing new training pedagogies than can escalate skills learning to a more sophisticated level of efficiency and effectiveness.



Visualization "Solutioning"

AVPL offers an unique “Visualization Solutioning” service that brings a company through 3 distinct stages (vis-a-ciz Deep Dive, Visualization Roadmapping, and Technology Deployment) in order to identify the pain-points and use technology to create the sweet-spots.